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Macaron towers are fully customizable.  From custom colors and flavors, to corporate and personal branding, we can bake your vision. The full macaron tower (10 tiers) holds up to 237 macarons, and the half tower (6 tiers) holds up to 95.  They are a perfect way to display French macarons for your next event, big or small.


1/2 Tower (95 macarons): $190*

Full Tower (237): $474 *

Mini Mac Tower $110 **

*The full and half towers are priced per macaron.  

** holds 43 macarons and comes with reusable

 tower and carrying case.

Tower Rental: $25

* The tower rental includes all 10 tiers of the tower, and an acrylic base.  Ask us about our alternate pastry stands/ display pieces that are available to rent.  

V Day like a BOSS with our Mini Towers!

Rental Terms

*All clients will be required to sign rental agreement for the macarons tower.  The tower  needs to be returned within 1 week of the event, including all of the tiers, and any stands that are utilized. If any pieces are missing/broken/damaged, we will charge a fee of $100 to replace it.

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